Write an essay

The technique of writing an essay is quite simple. One of the main tasks of writing an essay can be considered the reader’s belief or motivation for action. When the author decides to write an essay, this means that they want to discuss a problem or prove that the solution they proposed is correct. Although it is an essay, not an influx of soul, but the task of a teacher, in any case are these tasks.

When asked where to start writing an essay, there is a clear answer: from the plan. Suppose a plan has already been developed and a new complexity emerges: how to start writing the text of the essay itself, with what words to start the essay. This essay is not abstract and is not intended for an unprepared reader. Therefore, phrases like: “I want to talk about …”, “Today we will talk about …”, you can skip.

There is no need to overload essays with unnecessary introductory phrases. In fact, there are no clear recommendations on how to start an essay. The author of the essay is free in how to write an introduction, but it should interest the reader, identify before him the problem to which the essay is devoted.

Your main task is to interest the reader, but you can experiment, for example: “Contrary to the belief that Internet addiction is a problem characteristic exclusively for adolescents, studies by the Psychological Assistance Association have shown the prevalence of this addiction among people aged 30-35.” The following 2-3 sentences should reveal the first introductory phrase, while leading the reader to the main part of the essay.

Preparation of the problem statement when writing an essay does not end there. After the introduction, it is necessary to formulate a thesis and choose topics for the main part. Proposals for writing an essay can be very different, because each essayist has their own ways of writing an essay. But one rule is always general: take your time.

Just write all the ideas about your essay on a piece of paper. Then take a sketch sheet and carefully select the topics you will use. Structuring is also an important step. Usually the main idea of each article is the thesis, which is revealed and confirmed. If possible, use white papers or articles to support your point. Try converting the last sentence of each paragraph to a transition to a new topic.

These rules for writing essays are the most general in nature, applicable to essays that touch on any problems, with their help you can write an essay in two hours or even less. The final part should summarize what is written in the main part of the essay. Conclusions should relate to the issues outlined in the introductory part.

Conclusions should be based on the theses considered in the main part. In conclusions should not be introduced new, previously unproven theses. The conclusions should also be concise and should not verbatim repeat the sentences of the main part.

The essay is more artistic than other types of student work, so you should not use template phrases such as “I have come to the following conclusions,” “Based on the foregoing, we can draw the following conclusions.”

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